Transit of Venus Plan – June 5th

With the annular eclipse well behind me now, it is time to start preparing for next Tuesday’s Transit of Venus.

This time I will be running a public program at the same time I am trying to photograph a time-lapse sequence of the event. My camera will be attached to the same telescope I used for the eclipse, but it will piggyback on my 200mm telescope which will have a foil filter for viewing. The camera image will be sent to the time-lapse computer, and the most recent image will be displayed on the screen for the audience to see the event as it happens. They will also be able to take turns peering through the 200mm telescope eyepiece for a “live” close-up view. I will step in from time to time to center the telescopes throughout the first hour of the transit.

Polar alignment is scheduled between 5:50 and 5:55 PM EDT, when the sun has an azimuth of 270 degrees, with the transit starting about 10 minutes later.

Museum Interpretation Specialists will keep three other telescopes aimed at the sun, projecting images for several people to view at the same time.

Now, let’s hope for clear skies.

After, it’s time to start thinking about Australia.

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