Tues., Oct. 6, 1914

Junior Class Party

Tues. Oct. 6, 1914

OO Mr. Crowe asked to take me tonight but I’d promised “Val”. This P.M. I went to bed and got my lit then read love stories.

This evening I went to the party and had a fine time. It was at Ralph Ralston’s  he certainly has a fine home to entertain in.  One game was matching up slips to make a Prop name then each group of 7 or 8 had to give a stunt. We had a faculty meeting and chapel for our stunt. Mr. Bowman (Dr. Stetson), Austin Bates (Praeger), Myron Harring (Tuffy Prof. Williams), Royal Balch, Lydia B. Buttolph Alder Chapman (Mr Wiseman), Helen McHugh (Miss Wallbridge) and her dog who took the part of “Doggie” in other words Prof. Dagistan. And that dog did the tragicist[sic] thing right at the most embarrassing moment! Oh the whole take off was funny. And another stunt a tragidy[sic] in which “Brownie stabbed Mr Wiseman as he was proposing to Miss Wallbridge oh it was comical. We played shirling around on the cane etc. Our refreshments were raspberry ice and nut ice cream and angle[sic] food cake we had just enough.

I had a grand talk with “Val” on the way home  he is going to study to be a doctor and then go as a missionary.

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