Mon., Oct. 5, 1914

Mon. Oct. 5, 1914

OO. Today Mr. Valentine shrieked out of the window at school and when I came below he wanted to know if I had a date for tomorrow night it struck me so funny that I told him I would discuss the matter more at length if he would come down  he rushed out so apoligetically[sic] said he thought I was in a hurry (as I was)  Well I’m going to the party with him. I’m not crazy about him at all but some of the girls are I guess. He’s so innocent and easily made to believe most anything you tell him that he’s a never ending source of amusement to me.

Helen and I stoped[sic] Y.W.C.A. cabinet early and went down town, she got a sweater and we had a few refreshments to recuperate our ever “dropping spirits”. Tonight I studied and Helen wrote to numerous boys. Bee Blinston came up for a while  she certainly is a jolly girl. Helen & I are sprinkling lice around the house from a small lightly colored tree we picked to decorate our room.

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