Sun., Oct. 4, 1914

Hear Harry Munroe!

Sun. Oct. 4, 1914

Oh diary this has been a wonderful wonderful day to me. I believe God gave it to reveal to me something of the greatness of a life and to broaden my vision, to make me compassionate for the lost girls about me! To show me what the friendship of an earnest Christian man may mean! To make me stop and consider “What worth am I to humanity”! To inspire me to higher ideals! To enable me to re consecrate my life to him! And (is it of him?) to create a desire in my for the companionship of a broad minded, high idealed, talented man who is versed in the higher and more fundamental things of life.

Oh I tire of the college boys they seem so incompetent, so narrow, so shallow, with them I have to be continually inspiring them and bringing them up to thought. But with an older man like Dr. Ward I am the one who listens in wonder and humility while he talks on and on taking it for granted that I have done all in my power to help in the cause of good and that I have solved for myself and acquainted myself with the problems and thoughts of the great men and women of our land.

Oh diary its so plan[sic] to me that I will have to be an old maid. For I can’t bring myself to marry one who isn’t my inspiration. And what man who is so wonderful would stoop to me?

This P.M. Dr. Ward came up and brought me a box of tea that he had gotten in India  We took a long walk out the Ravene road and oh the talk we had was simply wonderful to me. Why I could never conceive of myself talking to any man or of his talking to me in the frank and open way in which we discussed the desperate need of the friendless girls of our land and of other things, and oh the sympathy and love he has for the poor and fallen people and his manly courage in fighting against evil, made me vow to throw my life more fully into the service of our master.

After having lunch we went down to the Union meeting at the Armory for the City Rescue Mission and there we heard Harry Munroe of the City Garden Mission Chicago sing in his beautiful way “Cast they bread upon the waters”  also another song and then tell of his conversion of the work of the mission of Billy Sundae’s conversion there etc. he’s a wonderful man.

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