Sat., Oct. 3, 1914

Sat. Oct. 3, 1914

OO. This P.M. Helen Merchant and Pat and a lot of others went to Otsego to the football game. I stayed home and a lot of the Otsego men came here to play tennis with some of our K.C. boys.

I had lots of fun.  James won from Mr. Chapman then I took a set from James. I guess most of the luck went with the Otsego bunch. Dr. Ward is here and I asked him to come over tomorrow afternoon he seemed quite delighted I guess. He will be here till Wednesday preparing for an examination.

This evening I went down and talked with Miss McCumber about the Social Service work for the coming year and oh diary I can’t explain to you how I feel after having that talk she told me such awful things of the moral conditions in this town and stories of poor girls who are really my sisters that oh I feel so guilty that I haven’t done a thing to help them. Oh if I can only bring one such to Christ. I am going to work oh so hard for it.

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