Fri., Oct. 2, 1914


Fri. Oct. 2, 1914


OO Had Lab. work all day. This morning in Physics lab. and this P.M. in chemistry laberatory[sic]. Idelle Tapley and I spent an hour fixing up the Kappa Pi room  we put up autumn leaves and sweeped and dusted. After our spread we had our meeting and girls all insisted that I was elected Chaplain last spring for this Fall term. I was quite disgusted being on the programe[sic] 3 times tonight it just happened that I had to play and speak both tonight. Ada MacEwan gave the cleverest talk in Κ.∏.  on “What Κ.∏.  means to me.”  I hadn’t prepared one thing to say on “Plans for the next years work” but Helen says I got along splendidly. “When a ting has to be did its did” is my notion.  We stayed to the Century Forum open meeting. Bert Bowman made a fine speech. We had good refreshments, ice cream, lady fingers, chocolate cake.  Helen and I ate and ran down stairs before the other to come home & while in the lower hall when bang clash! about 3 steps at a time Mr. Parker flew down and asked to take me home I said yes and we had a jolly time  But I was oh so mean when he left I asked him if Mary wasn’t at Euro’s and told him to tell her I had enjoyed her escort very much.

I took a picture of Helen with her kids on and in her kimono early this morning on Pat’s film pack Oh she was mad.


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