Sept. 28-30, 1914

Mon. Sept. 28, 1914

OO didn’t get called on to recite. My how I have to laugh in Dr MacEwan he says such funny things

This P.M. I brought home a different Kodak on approval  it’s a $12.00 one and it’s a beauty  I took some pictures with it  I know they’ll be good. Papa broke the shade on our big electric lamp today  oh I wonder if we will ever get another. Aunt Emma riged[sic] up an old one but it looks so queer compared to the beauty papa broke.

Helen and I have made out wonderful skedules[sic] to go by. If we only could do it we would be brilliant.


Tues. Sept. 29, 1914

Open forum and “Daughters of the American Revolution” speech, speech, speech, bang, bang.

Class meeting whirrrrr.

Tennis zip zip.

Class——. Y.W.C.A.

Plans for a “weenie” “roast”  that’s of course not a rushing party. Tonight study now bed!

“Tug-o-War”   “Weenie Roast”


Wed. Sept. 30, 1914

This P.M. annual Tug of War was held and of course we Junior yelled for the Freshies of course and it proved a tie about the same as it was last year with 4 Freshies rolling in the water. After that Esther and I played tennis singles first then some doubles against some of the boys.  at five o’clock  B. Blisston,  L. Brown, B. Stetson, H. Merchant, E. DeWater, L. Butolph   M. Petertyle, G. Hudson  G. Townsend and myself went out to the “acre” for a weenie roast  oh we had a fine time with buns, mustard, weenies, chip potatoes, celery, peaches and cookies  afterwards we sat around the fire and talked then sang and cheered running around the fire then home we came. Helen was sick tonight so we didnt sleep much

I wonder if H & T will join Kappa Pi

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