Sept. 24-27, 1914

Thur. Sept. 24, 1914

OO Went to prayer meeting tonight.


Fri. Sept 25, 1914

OO Went down town and had my hat trimmed and now mother has decided she doesn’t like it and is going to take it back.  This P.M. I started Qual. Chem. lab. work  I guess its going to be pretty hard work. Ralph insisted on walking home from the lab with me tonight.  This evening I went to Κ.∏.  I’m chairman of the room committee now “Oh woe is me and weary is my lot.” 


Sat. Sept. 26, 1914

OO This P.M. I washed my hair took a bath then looked solumn[sic]. This evening I wrote a letter and now I haven’t quite decided whether to do my duty and study or go to bed!


Went to Climax

Sun. Sept. 27, 1914

This morning Betty Stetson went to church with Helen & I. I taught my boys  oh I hope I do them some good! This P.M. I tried to think of something to say at Climax then I hurried to the car. Jimmy Houloose missed the car* I guess. I barely made it. “Monty”, Grace Savage, Mr Leaf, Belle Arthur, Ruth Goss, Mr Chapman Mr. Valentine and I were there. We were met at Galesburg by auto’s and “G.” “Monty” and I went in one with two men and the rest came later  had a “blow out” and gave us a scare. We had a fine supper at Mr. Kribs Superintendant[sic] of the school. They are a lovely young couple with two sweet children.

Well I had the surprise of my life when I walked into the large church and saw a sea of faces, Grace is very conservative and she said 200 were there. We had to sit on the platform and I thought I never could get up and speak but God helped me and I did and oh you don’t know how wonderful it was to me to be able to partially express myself in fitting works [words]. I talked with an ease and fluency which I seldom have and oh I felt the girls praying for me and god helping me so. The service went off well all the others doing wonderfully. We had a lovely 7  mile auto ride back  Gods country is so wonderfully beautiful.

I wish I could be used more of Christ  oh it certainly pays.

* Claire is referring to catching the interurban, an electronic passenger rail system between towns.

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