Sept. 21-23, 1914

Mon. Sept. 21, 1914

OO* stayed to Cabinet.  This evening the Barnetts were up to supper and this evening Helen & I made 50 little books of “College Diarys” for the Y.W. party Wed. P.M.  I think with the Hare & Hound race it out to be a success.

*OO is Claire’s abbreviation for school

Tues. Sept. 22, 1914

Class election! I put Esther up for president and she got it, she’s a dear anyway.

I was informed today that I’m on the social com. for our class, also on the editorial comm. for the Junior annual and I haven’t begun to do anything for my Y.W. work and I’m nearly rushed to pieces anyway. I forget what I have charge of anyway. Now I’m two chairmans, one editor, on three other committees, on “student” leader and I presume some other things that I can’t recall now.

Wed. Sept. 23, 1914

OO This morning and Helen & I went down town to order the ice cream & go to Burdick St. School to get the sissors[sic]. This P.M. we had our party for the new Y.W.C.A. new girls and I believe it was the biggest success of any party I’ve ever been to. We first had a “hare & hound” chase in which Lydia & I +  2 “freshies” were the “hares” and over 50 hounds. We took about an hour start and 50¢ worth of beans and oh such a trail we made down hill and up, over fences and through back yards. Oh we had fun and the girls were tickled to death and most as tired. The little books they made were so cute  The “College Diary’s” and the brick ice cream with the daisy design made with long skinned peanuts with chocolates for centers & cake were so good & pretty. Tonight Evelyn & Clair Weaver were here for supper they are going to stay here about 10 days while their folks are in Pennsylvania. This evening Evelyn, Clair, Helen & I went racing in the auto (“Betsy”)  I never went so fast in an auto in my life we went between 40 & 50 miles and literally flew  we rushed over to Cooper & got back I hurried into my good duds and Betty Stetsson[sic] & I went down to the church reception for college students  we simpered around ate a dish of orange ice talked and I made the usual no. of brakes then we came home.

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