Sept. 19 & 20, 1914

Sat. Sept. 19, 1914

                My cold makes me almost sick. This morning I went to Physics class and I’m going to like the subject very much I’m sure. This P.M. I played a couple of sets of tennis with Winnifred Praeger  she got one and I the other, then I went up to Esthers for a while then I talked with papa and it awes me when I see how great a future he is expecting me to fulfil[sic]. This evening I fixed up the room then sewed.

                Helen has gone out to Gull Lake with Betty Stetson for tonight and tomorrow and she left little notes hidden around that cheered me a lot. I needed them sorely for I’ve been so queer all day. I don’t see what’s the matter with me anyway.

                I promised Monty to go to Climax a week from Sunday night and help with a meeting. I also promised to take sort of a bible study class at the college  I wonder how it will turn out.


Sun. Sept. 20, 1914

Went to church and S.S. had a good time with my boys. This P.M. I went and got Ruby Dilman a freshman girl and we went after another freshman Elsie Randell who with her roommate a normal girl Miss Decker went walking with us. We discovered Addie Kline in the cemetery “mit ein bin Knabe”

                Then we came down here to my house and ate grapes  the girls seemed to appreciate it ever so much. Then they went home and in taking Grace Walworth a piece to the train I saw Mable Fitch so she came up to lunch with me and we went to church together.

                I hope this year to get to be lots better friends with the girls.

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