Fri. Sept. 18, 1914

Opening Reception

Fri. Sept. 18, 1914

I’m home and I never had such a miserable time at a reception in my whole life. I felt worse than any Freshman there. Because I’m not going with anyone in particular I hated to talk to the boys  I couldn’t be natural because I felt as if they thought I was rushing after them.

                I was forced to go over with Jimmy Fleugal and Betty Stetson and I steered clear of everyone and walked home with Lydia and Marg. I don’t know what’s the matter with me  I feel like shaking myself for acting and feeling so but I just plain can’t help it. However the reception was a success I guess from start to finish they thought the refreshment idea was so cute.  I was glad I had remembered it  They did look cute the little flower pots with ice cream covered with green candies & goldenrod sticking out of the middle.

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