Sept. 16 & 17, 1914

Wed. Sept. 16, 1914

College begins! And I’m a Junior! A Junior! It doesn’t seem possible! Well it was lots of fun and exciting meeting all the old students. Oh such a commotion as there was in the lower hall! And I spent most all of my time with new girls  I hope I cheered a few of them. I changed my program and am going to take 7:55 English Lit to Prof. MacEwan. 10:15 Physics to Prof Smith, 11:15 Psychology to Dr. Stetson, 2:30 Chem to Prof Smith, 3:30 Math to Prof Williams. This P.M. I clerked and this evening Lydia Buttolph came over and she & Helen & I made things for the Friday night reception.  My it’s a job   were puting[sic] a little dutch girl or boy in the corner and writing all the other besides.

                My books cost over $10:00 I believe I think its fun having a roommate.


Thur. Sept. 17, 1914

I’m so hoarse today that I can hardly speak. Oh I know I’m going to like lit so much I just love to study poetry and things like that anyway. Dr. MacEwan can make me think more than any prof in college I do believe.

                Oh my math class! I’m in with a bunch of brilliant students and I’m the only dumy[sic] in the class! I thought Calculus was a little stiff but this is well I don’t know what it is yet.

                We had our first Y.W.C.A. cabinet meeting today   Oh how I long to really do some good in the college.

                Tonight Betty Stetson, the 2 Heminways, Lydia B., Lucille Owen, Anna Ressmann and Helen & I worked on those old things for the reception  I’m so sick of doing them!

                That Miss Ressman is so homesick  I wonder if she’ll pull through all right.

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