Sept. 14 & 15, 1914

Mon. Sept. 14, 1914

This morning I woke up late and rushed for the train to meet Miss Ward and she didn’t come. Then went with Esther to find a Miss Ruth White that came in on the C. K. & S. for college  she seems real pleasant. This P.M. I clerked at the store and went home with Miss Mathews for my full blooded 8 wks old angora kitten and it’s a dear  its pure white.  Oh if Papa and Aunt Emma would only like it.

                Tonight I took it over to the MacDowells to visit their kittens and it growled perfectly awful. Then I took it up to Esthers. And now its been playing with me  it made the blot in the corner on “woke”  Oh I love kittens so much.  I don’t know what to name it.


Tues. Sept. 15, 1914

Papa wont let me keep the cat  Oh I don’t know when anything has made me feel so perfectly miserable as that did!! Then Miss Ward and her brother came and though I was miserable I had to go down and be civil. Then Miss Ward went but Dr. Ward stayed over till the evening train to play tennis with me. And such a time as we had finding some shoes for him   on our way to the court we met Bates and he got D. Wittet’s shoes for us without telling D.W. and he (last mentioned) spent about 2 hrs hunting for his shoes but finally doned[sic] another pair and came down so in order to make him feel real good natured I let him play with us part of one set.  I beat the 1st set 6-4 and Dr. Ward got the next 6-3 and we didn’t finish the third. This evening I took the cat over to Mrs. Wilcoxs  I knew it would have such a lovely home there  Oh! Oh! Oh! how I hated to let it go.

                Helen came tonight and we are just partly seattled[sic]  Oh I love her I know we will get along all right together. And tomorrow college!! Here’s hoping it will be the best year yet

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