Sept. 9 & 10, 1914

Wed. Sept. 9, 1914

                Clerked** with the usual number of varied experiences perhaps “Chocolates” was the cutest thing it was a little fluffy brown dog.  At the noon hr. mother and I went and picked out a skirt for me  it’s a black one and a beauty! One of these new jangled tunic affairs.

                This evening Evelyn Clair and I jumped into the machine and spun out into the country for a marshmellow[sic] roast  we found a fine spot on a cross roads at the top of a steep gully in a grassy spot where we could watch the moon rise over the trees then we at mmellows & fruit and told ghost stories  oh we had a jolly time then afterwards we took a long ride all three of us in the front seat.

                I bid the Jackson’s goodby[sic] tonight for they are going in the morning. Mothers class is having a surprise on her tonight.


Thur. Sept. 10, 1914

                “Second grade books way in the rear of the store”  “No! We haven’t any more second hand Latin books.”  “Up to the front for due bills”  “73-75 one dollar! Thank you!” etc.  My poor old head fairly whirls even now to think of the rush we were in  that store was just packed jam full some of the time every one wanting their school books at once. I sold H.S. books so was out of the section where the children didn’t know what they wanted. They had 28 clerks in there today.

                The Jackson’s left this morning and this P.M. mamma and papa went down to Otsego visiting  They are all 4 going to Cal. the 14th of October. This eve I wrote to those girls that are coming to college  I wonder what they’re like and how my letters will strike them?


**Claire doesn’t reveal where she is working but based on her description of the job it is probably Beecher, Kymer & Patterson on Burdick Street.  They were dealers in books, stationery, and office supplies.

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