Tues., Sept. 8, 1914

Tues. Sept. 8, 1914

The Social is over and I am home sweet home!

                This morning I ironed a dab then Evelyn, Clair & I went way out in the country in the auto or “Betsy” as Clair calls it and got a load of golden rod and daises for the Reception tonight at the church. John & Lela fixed the decorations up just fine with regular banks of golden rod. This P.M. Evelyn, Lela & I made Dutch dolls at the top of the slips for a game tonight and then went down town. I bought a new black & white silk waist and McCalls magazine for the year. Evelyn got a new hat. Tomorrow I start clerking hurrah!  This evening I rushed over to Todds in the machine, back for my forgotten cake  practiced my mandolin solo then played accompaniment for Evelyn. Got to the church got through programm[sic], occasionaly[sic] encouraged Frank Bowman, managed the game, cheered them on in the kitchen, Then ate and finally checked Leo Mange in a frantic effort to take me home  it’s funny how easy a person can read boys. Maby[sic] I’m not just kind, but there were “50” other girls crazy to go home with him so why should I take him off.

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