Mon., July 13, 1914

Mon. July 13, 1914

    Well I washed up the dishes while Edna went to hunt a wash woman. Then I went over and won two sets from Mr. Tomkinson & Mr Barsox then a set from Mr Simpson & Mr Stowe.

    This P.M. I read History to Edna while she sewed. Then I went over to the court and James & I played 3 sets of singles  I won 6-1, 6-2, 6-4. Then he & I played against Dr. Ward & Mr Russ. We wont the first set 6-2 then they won 6-4   It’s the 1st time I’ve been beaten in doubles in Otsego but it was fun to be beaten again. Then Mr Fast and I played part of a set against them. I got a letter from the Detroit Tennis club today personally inviting me to attend. Oh I would be in perfect rapture if I could go and Edna is willing to go with me. Well I musn’t dream about it for I don’t suppose mamma & papa will let me go. This evening Ardith and I dressed up and I took her down town for some ice cream. We pretended we were two ladies and it was a circus to see her acting. She certainly is an attractive pretty child and I love her dearly. We went to the ice cream parlor and had two dishes of ice cream a piece then we got some pop corn and candy and got some peanuts to take home to papa. She was just delighted. And it was great joy to me to give her the pleasures.


Curator’s Note:  Claire has not been consistent in writing in her diary, which explains why they are gaps between entries.

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