July 2-4, 1914

Thur. July 2, 1914

The Redman’s with Pauline Winnefred were here for the day. It’s the first visit the baby has ever made away from home that is outside of Battle Creek  She is six months old and a real sweet little baby. They just most worship her.  Wane[sic] and I played some duets then the family played dominoes. I missed my tennis today. This evening we all went to Prayer meeting  I wore a pink rose.

Fri. July 3, 1914

I’ve passed in everything in College. Oh joy and bliss. I just barely got through Calculus but everything else was good. Now I’m ready for my Junior year. I think it will be easier sailing from now on.

    I got a letter from James in which he says it is advertised that “Miss Claire Wight, Western Michigan Champion for Women’s Singles will referee matches between the Plainwell and the Otsego Tennis Clubs.” Isn’t that ridiculous but I expect it will be lots of fun.

    This P.M. after playing the piano a while papa & I went over to the court and stood even against Mr. Haines & Julius Issenburg 6-4, 4-6. Then Papa went and Dave Wittit & I played against them 2 or 3 sets I guess we came out about even.

    This evening I wrote to Ben and now I’m going to pack my suitcase and get to bed.

    I hope I’ll have a fine time in Otsego.


Sat. July 4, 1914

Family reunion at Edna’s! Well I’m down here at Otsego to stay  I hope, for a while. And I’ve had a glorious fourth.

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