Wed., July 1, 1914

Wed. July 1, 1914

   Well I woke up at 4:30 and finished my book before I got up. It was one of the most intensely exciting books I have ever read. But I didn’t get much good out of it.

   This P.M. I went over and used the Weaver’s Piano to plough[sic] through a few of my Etudes I’m trying to get pieces catalogued   Then Papa and I went over to play tennis and after I beat him a love set of singles he let Bob Angel and I play singles  Bob has taken his masters Degree at “Michigan” and he’s handsome and full of fun. Well he and I played three sets against Don Haines, the author, and Dave Wittit   it was lots of fun and we were quite evenly matched. Ralph came and sat down to watch us. Then Bob & I played a set of singles which I won 6-3 or 4   Then as we walked over towards Ralph, Bob said to him “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long old man!” of course expecting Ralph was there to take me home so what could I do?  Ralph walked along with me and oh how he talked. Diary he’s a grand dear boy and I don’t deserve the great love he has for me. And I feel almost criminal to let him suffer the way he is. But what can I do? I know I don’t feel the same for him that he does for me. Finally he went and after I had been home a few minutes another great beautiful bunch of pink rose buds came from the florists. Papa & I had a very serious talk.


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