June 25 & 26, 1914

Thurs. June 25, 1914

Didn’t do much today. Got a long distance call from Edna and she’s anxious for me to come over. I read 20 pages or more of History this A.M.

     About 4:30 I went over to the tennis courts and beat Mr Wittit and a girl two sets then I rested then David Polasky and I played 3 sets against Mr. Peter Pell and Arthur Cheeney which of course they easily won as I’m such a poor player as compared with any of them. Then I played a set of singles with David which he easily won 6-3.  I was awfully late to prayer meeting on account of tennis. My its hot weather yesterday it was 120° in the sun.


Fri. June 26, 1914

   This has been a quiet but happy day. It has rained by spells all day and I have stayed at home except when I walked down to the corner to mail a letter for Papa. I have just finished reading “Polly of Lady Gay Cottage” by Emma Dowd and enjoyed immensely the sweet story of the child Polly. They seem to be slightly patterned after the “Little Colonel” book[s] which are such favorites of mine.

   Well diary when I stop to think of how different my life is from the life of most girls it puzzels[sic] me.  Here I am happy and having so many pleasures and blessing. And never knowing but what inside of a month I may be in Maine or California if the Lord so directs Papa.

   My father is certainly the most devout and earnest Christian worker I have ever known and God’s manifest guiding and blessing Papa’s work is very blessed and wonderful to me.

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