Wed., June 24, 1914

Wed. June 24, 1914

Papa comes Home.

Papa came on the 3:55 (I think it was) this morning and only mamma knew he was coming then and she wanted it [to be] a surprise so she went and met him and later the girls woke me up and said come and look up in the cosy corner and there was papa and mamma. Well I hurried and dressed then went up to welcome papa in the cosy corner. Oh its good to have him home! Just think 8 mo. away he finished in Denver Sunday night. The Jackson’s are coming to visit us in a few weeks! Well at worship time it lasted over two hrs and a half  we all prayer[sic] then papa began telling us how the Lord had wonderfully lead them through promises of His word [Note: Claire, or someone else, has cut off the bottom 1/3rd of the page]  … on the couch reading some of Robert Burn’s poems, when papa came in to talk to me about the situation with Ralph and diary its good to have father to confide in. I told him I did not know my own heart that I did not think I loved Ralph but that there was no one else around here the I prefered[sic]  Then upon more questioning I told him of the One whom I wanted to know and that I would probably never be able to give my love to anyone until I first seen Him.  I wonder if He would be as I imagine Him and if so if I could make Him care for me? Papa suggested that Maby[sic] I had idealized Him and would be dissappointed[sic] and dislike Him if I ever saw Him.  And we prayed to God to show me what to do and how to wait. The queer thing of it was when papa left I picked up the book of poems and opened it at random and this is what held my attention in the first poem I read,

 But far off fowls have feathers fair,

                And ay until ye try them:

  Tho’ they seem far, still have a care,

                They may prove waur than I am.”


Oh diary it can’t be true in this case  I won’t let it.

                Later in the afternoon I went over to play tennis with mises[sic] Carrey and played frightfully  I wonder if he will ever ask me to play again with him? He beat me love sets as easy as anything. Oh I must play more and who can I play with.

                Well he had to go and then Arthur Cheeney and I played together   some how he inspired me to do better work and before I stopped playing I had him husseling[sic] like fury! I like him very much  he’s so handsome, courteous and jolly. He took me home in his car.

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