June 15 & 16, 1914

Mon. June 15, 1914

Stayed at home till evening then Mother and I went to the Senior Class Day play. It was “The Melting Pot” by Israel Zanguill   it is a wonderfull[sic] play but it seemed to me far    to[sic] deep for the class to give. All the principal characters were lacking. However the minor parts were fine  I will put a star beside those on my program. After the play they had the awarding of medals and “K’s” won at Albion and I had to trot up in front 3 times again this year however it wasn’t so bad for there were several others to go up. However if it were not for the audience and the clapping I would dearly love having my medals handed me by President Stetson, he is so fatherly and good and seems so to appreciate these thing[s] his boys and girls win for the College.

It seemed strange to have Ralph off in another part of the room tonight.


Tues. June 16, 1914

      This P.M. I went down to the library and while I was gone Dr. Williams called up for me to be sure and be at commencement tomorrow. Oh diary that means that I’ll get part of the Chemistry Prize. Oh just think of it  Why I’m so happy that I can scarcely wiggle or stop wiggling. I realize that I never could have done it without Ralph and won’t he be happy?  Why I guess there are 40 in the class and some of the boys have been working so hard for it that I was sure I didn’t have any chance.

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