June 4 & 5, 1914

Thur., June 4, 1914

Went to math class then to Chemistry class. And hurrah that[’s] the last time I’ll be in classes this year.

     This P.M. though it was raining, May and I went to Albion. Ralph took me to the car* and when we were nicely settled we discovered Prof. Bacon.  He kept his eye on us and when opportunity offered he took the seat in front of us and chatted and talked so sociably that we had a very pleasant time.  But behold when the car stopped at Albion he hurried off the car without saying goodby, offering to help us with our suitcases or even asking us if we had someplace to stay. It was rather a rebuke but quite in keeping with his character. But nevertheless I like him very much. Well May and I got a big supper at that same café. Then went to Mrs. Landois and secured the same suite of rooms much to our relief. Oh I hope its nice weather.

*car refers to the Interurban 

Fri. June 5, 1914

Field Day!

The day dawned fair and beautiful though they had qite a time getting the courts dry. While May and I were eating breakfast Tommy & Ralph arrived and joined us. Afterwards we went up to watch the ball game between Kazoo & Olivet and oh misery we lost most woefully 8-0, and there we thought sure we would win the Championship. Right in the middle of it I had to meet Hillsdale in ladies singles and much to my surprise and delight it was Ruth Pullen who represented Hillsdale. She is an old friend of Vera Perry’s and we had heard much of each other. She is very pretty and sweet and I king of hated to beat her but I did score 6-1, 6-1. So that puts me in the finals against Ruth Cook of Alma. I met Ruth on my way back to the ball game and it seemed so good to meet her again she goes with a Mr. Hyde whom I like very much. I persuaded Ruth to play doubles with me at Grand Rapids this summer. Her brother Sidney Cook is fine and my but he’s a runner. After the ball game was over who should appear but Ben Wheatley. He said he hadn’t planned to come but when he got my letter he just naturally packed up and came  Well we walked up to the rooms together though it left Ralph to walk with Tommy & May.

     This P.M. I played Ruth Cook for the finals and it was a very hard match. I worked like a beaver and didn’t dare let up a minute. Most of the Kazoo bunch was there and quite a crowd besides, and everyone seemed interested and excited   Well I won two straight sets 6-3, 6-2 but the games were long. So I have won another gold medal. Tommy also won from Hillsdale in singles this P.M. so it lets him play in the finals. Well after the tennis   I watched the last two innings of the Albion vs Alma game and there was pandemonium when Albion won. Mr. Wheatley and I were together at the close of the game and after watching a tennis match for a while he invited me to go to supper with him so we did and as Elizabeth Stetson and Helen Merchant were sitting at the next table in the “Silver Moon” I introduced them and we had a jolly time. Ben said if I hadn’t ceased to write and hadn’t been mad at him he would have asked me to go to his fraternity picnic with him. After supper we went to the concert given by the conservatory students and it was fine, beautiful. It was mostly orchestra work and they have the best orchestra I have ever heard produced by a college. After the concert we walked a while and had fun then I left him. I know Ralph’s madder than a hornet but it isn’t my fault because I told him I didn’t want him to come to Albion and I would not be held responsible for what I did   You see diary Ralph is getting the feeling that I ought to go with him and I think that until a person is engaged they are free to do as they please.

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