May 29 & 30, 1914

Fri. May 29, 1914

Well Diary we’re at Albion tonight! This P.M. I played Esther and had quite an easy time winning  I got the sets 6-2, 6-4 but I could have had a better score if I had worked.  Well I had just an hour then to go home take a bath dress pack my suit case and take the car. But I made it all right. And May and I came tra la!  Well we arrived in town and went to the “Café” something or other and had a fine supper pork chops potatoes, strawberries, raddishes[sic], cookies iced tea, etc.

   Then by the assistance of one of the college fellows, we found Mrs. Serips house. She’s the dean of Women and I don’t like her as well as Miss Hussey. Well Dorothy McEldowney the one I met in tennis last year, and after bringing us over to our rooms which is a real nice suite at a Mrs. Landon’s we went over to Dorothy’s room and met her roommate Effie Adreance and a young man caller, a Mr. Emmit who said he met me last year. We made candy and had a nice time then he brought us home and were off for bed. May’s got some KCn on her foot and we’re real worried.


Sat. May 30, 1914

Albion tennis perliminiaries[sic]

This morning I won the singles from Miss McEldowney 6-0, 6-0 and this P.M. May and I won the doubles 6-1, 6-2. I played off the tournament this morning in 25 min. and if I had known they were timing me I could have made it less. Tommy won the men’s singles 6-3, 6-1 but Tommy and Parker lost the doubles 6-4, 6-4. I saw Mr. Marlott and had a lot of fun talking with him. Frances Haskell came over today to chaperone and I like her so well  we had lots of fun. We didn’t stop to eat supper in Albion but bought egg chocolates, popcorn, ice cream cones etc. and took the car home. Well I arrived home tired but jubilant. And its hurrah for next week

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