May 25-28, 1914

Mon. May 25, 1914

OO This P.M.  I amazed a couple of boys that can’t play tennis very well by beating them. May has decided to play off the tournament tomorrow P.M.  This evening Ralph and I went to the Philo contest  had a nice time and lots of ice cream and maccarrones[sic]. After we got home we had a very serious talk in which I – well in which I made him feel very badly. Oh dear, dear I wish it wasn’t so hard for me to hurt people. I don’t think I will ever love Ralph.


Tues. May 26, 1914

OO flunked in Latin this morning. This P.M. it was so sufficatingly[sic] hot and I was so tired that I went to bed and didn’t go to chemistry.  I slept until 3:30 then mother called me and I went over to the courts to play May. Well Mr. Peterson umpired and I won 6-0, 6-1  I was so surprised to get it by such a big score. Well I meet Esther Friday P.M.  Oh I hope I win because we go to Albion Saturday.

    This evening the Barnett’s were here to supper. My I like Helen B. so much.


Wed. May 27, 1914

OO This P.M. May and I played tennis a while, drank lemonade and hurried home. I didn’t go out to the Freshman-Sophomore picnic [at] White’s Lake because I didn’t think I had time.

    Say diary do you know that I’m a perfect “Ignoramous”[sic] with a capital “I”.  Charles Gilman asked me to go with him to the picnic the other day and I never thought what he was driving at and I passed it off as a joke  I wonder what he thought anyway because I like him very much.  It’s lucky I didn’t go however because it rained about six tonight. Helen and Ralph both wanted to come up tonight but it happened that neither came and I stayed here and studied, after I wrote a letter to Ben. I received my book from him today which I took as rather a broad hint!


Thur. May 28, 1914

OO. Played tennis. Went to prayer meeting with Ralph.

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