May 23 & 24, 1914

Sat. May 23, 1914

Down Kazoo River in Canoe

Oh diary this has been a beautiful wonder day. I wouldn’t have believed it would be so lovely, and exciting. The river twists and bends and has so many islands and channels that its just one beautiful surprise after another. Oh the trees and the flowers and the scenery, everything was fine! It was absolutely the most picturesque stream I believe I ever have seen. I can believe the pictures now that I see of the river and I believe we saw hundreds of mud turtles big and little. The river isn’t as dangerous as people say  it is thought there wasn’t anything monotonous about the snags, currents, bridges, winds and dams. The 1st dam you meet going down above Plainwell is the most exciting because you are so liable to be swept over it if you arn’t[sic] (May 15) watching  We would often stop and explore, pick flowers, and exclaim!

    We ate dinner just a little ways above Copper [she means Cooper] and then on we went. The river is the prettiest between Copper and Plainwell and the banks are higher beyond Copper.  Well we got to Otsego and 5:30 and had a fine hot supper at Edna’s at 6:00

    This evening Edna, James, Ralph and I went down town and ate ice cream & candy. I met a Mr. Merrill a graduate of Albion last year whom I like very much.  I wonder if Ben W. knows him. James bought a box of candy and we came home ate it and E & J sang.  I slept with Ardith tonight.


Sun. May 24, 1914

Edna’s today.

This morning Ardith woke me up bright and early to assure me that she “loves me.” Today we read, walked, ate and talked. I took a roll of films of the babies and one Buswell family group, one of James and Wallace with an engine. Ralph bought a fine box of candy today  This evening we came home on the train and because we were looking rather disreputable we fell into a house party of the college girls coming back from Plainwell. Well diary I don’t believe I love Ralph and I think I better stop going with him “immejetly if not sooner.”

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