May 18 & 19, 1914

Mon. May 18, 1914

OO This P.M. after lab I played tennis and studied until 6:00 and after supper Evelyn Weaver asked me to take a ride with them “and we would be back in a few minutes so I need not change my dress.” So I jumped into the car with my mitty Blouse on and away we went  Clair drove like the wind and before I knew it we were in Plainwell and I was crazy to go on to Edna’s so they took me over there and let me and Oh I was so glad to see the folks, we had a lovely evening  James and Edna sang then James poped[sic] corn and we talked. Edna slept with me tonight  I love her so.



Tues. May 19, 1914

Woke up this morning and had a frolic with Wallace and Ardith. Oh they are such dear children! Ardith after much deliberation had boughten a string of beads the day before and they were the pride and joy of her existence.  Wallace is a fat little cherub. Came home on the morning train and played three sets of exciting tennis with Karl Johnson  score 3-6, 6-3, 6-3. Oh I wonder if I will win from May in the College tournament  Oh I hope so. This P.M. Ralph and I took the train for Long Lake and had a canoe ride for a couple of hours then after our picnic lunch we hauled up the funny old rickety boat wagon and started the canoe towards the station well every step we thought it would crash to pieces and I laughed till I [stops abruptly]

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