May 15-17, 1914

Fri. May 15, 1914

Went to early κ.π. then Ralph and I went down town and saw the “Rise and Fall of Napoleon” in moving pictures, they were fine and so interesting.


Sat. May 16, 1915

Kazoo C. 4  Olivet 2

Went to [the most] exciting Base ball game I ever attended   in the eighth we won through Maclaurin’s drive! Oh joy!


Sun. May 17, 1914

Had ten or eleven in my class today. This P.M. I went down to the Hospital and took Earl Boodt a box of candy  I also read him a story and stayed a while. Then Ralph and I walked out the Fruit Belt tracks and back by asylum avenue  we got “Jonnie jump ups,” and then found a  beautiful apple tree and I brought most the whole tree home with me.  I had trouble in getting into the car* with them all. We took a couple of pictures and I also took one of the misses Moore and Mrs. Bestor


*Claire is probably referring to a streetcar


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