Tues., May 5, 1914

OO. Studied and played tennis this P.M.












This evening Helen and I played a mandolin duet at the Musicale given at the Park St. Church of Christ. It wasn’t anything very great and we got through it very well at least they were quite persistent for an enchore[sic]. We got out of there about 8:40 as we played the second number on the program; and, being in a desperate mood, we braved the man in the ticket office and asked the price of the tickets to hear the Boys of “Barbour Hall,” he said they were 25¢ a piece but as we only had 45¢ between us, he let us in for that. Well we heard the last 2/3 of the programme and it was fine! The soldier drill was the best I’ve ever seen and the chorus of little boys at the end of Part I was great. Well I have four classes in a row tomorrow but I’m to[sic] sleepy to get them now.



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