Mon., April 27, 1914

Mon. April 27, 1914

Girls B.B. Game. F 16 – 15 S

OO this P.M. got all ready to play tennis with Winnie Praeger after lab and there was a terrific thunder storm. Went to Y.W.C.A. cabinet meeting and we had a talk about the white slave traffic and I just sudder[sic] to think of the crime going on all around me. 

This evening I went to the gym. party and first we had the Freshman vs Sophomore Basket Ball game  our team was Lydia Beautolph and Elizabeth Lennox centers Ruth Desenburg and Lucile Brown guards and Esther and I forward. It was the most exciting B. Ball game I ever was in. Margaret Russell was my guard and she was fine by Francis Beerstecher, Esthers guard lost the game for us by her cheating  I don’t know why Miss Haskell never hardly called fouls on the Freshmen  those on the side lines said she was unfare[sic]. Oh Diary I wouldn’t have mined[sic] so much loosing[sic] the game if it had been fairly lost but I can’t help by[sic] resent the injustice to the Sophomores   at the end of the 1st half it was 7-6 in favor of the Sophs and then we ran it up 15-6 and then they won by a point  Oh there was some excitement on the side lines.

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