April 25 & 26, 1914

Sat. April 25, 1914

“Ben Hur”

May and I talked and talked I guess it was most one when we got to sleep.  This P.M. I took some of my S.S. boys out to Milham Park for an outing. It was a big sacrifice because I wanted to go to the Albion vs. Kazoo Base Ball game. We were beaten 11 to 10 all because I wasn’t there. The little boys were real good though   Oh I like them.

Well this evening Helen Merchant and I went to “Ben Hur” and we sat in the “slats” and the time we had finding the way to get there was so funny but we had fine seats. Oh Diary the play was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen or almost imagined  it was marvelous the costumes scenery and music and actors were just perfect. Oh and the beautiful horses for the chariot race and the ocean & mountains and chorouses[sic] and [stops abruptly

Sun. April 26, 1914

This has been a beautiful spring Sunday. I had a fine time teaching my boys this morning. This P.M. Ralph and I walked out to a woods straight out Douglas Ave. and the flowers were so thick I took a basket and had that completely filled and carried big bunches in my hands besides. “Judge” the dog was along with us and oh we had a beautiful afternoon  we walked about six + miles in all. I do so enjoy Miss Moore’s visit here.

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