Fri., April 10, 1914

Fri. April 10, 1914

Well diary I found you actually dusty tonight. The past weeks have been so full of duties and pleasures that I have been to[sic] exhausted at night to write down the record. I think they have been the busiest weeks of my life, I may be mistaken.

Edna and the children came today. And oh how I love them all. Wallace is so sweet and cunning  he talks now and I taught him to say “Auntie Klaaare” for the first time. He always says a little individual blessing of his own at meals out loud and when he’s through he lets you know it whether the other party is through or not. Ardith is a dear little girl now who enjoys paper dolls and embroidery. She has a sweet little voice.

 This evening I went to Kappa Pi and E. Hays inaugural speech was fine.

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