Mar. 30 & 31, 1914

Mon. Mar. 30, 1914

Miss Moore Arrives

Well after arising at the unearthly hour of 9:00 oclock to the sums of “Claire get up I want to wash your nightgown!” I dressed and helped mother with the washing, we also did the ironing this P.M.  Well I finished reading the “Jane Girl” it is very interesting. I studied a little but not much  Oh tomorrow I’m going to work! This evening Miss Moore arrived after being away for six years and I must say she’s a puzzel[sic] to me. I fear she is as cold and reserved as a refrigerator but I don’t know her yet. She certainly doesn’t tell much about things and well Oh I don’t know but I’m a little dubious till I get better acquainted. Well lets hope for the best. I guess old diary we’re all a little queer.  

Tues. Mar. 31, 1914

This morning I studied chemistry. This P.M. mother and I went shoping[sic] and we picked out a coat blue, a white silk waist, a pair of shoes and a pair of rubbers and decided to fix over my last years spring hat and not get a new one. My I’m glad that’s done. Miss Moore gave me a beautiful little butterfly sort of, bow for the front of my waist and Mrs Waite sent me some pretty black jet beads. Well Diary I hope I get all my studing[sic] done this vacation. Papa’s way out in Pasadena Cal. I wish I could see him!

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