Wed., March 18, 1914

Wed. Mar. 18, 1914

Dare I say this was the busiest day of my life? Worked for the banquet from 10:15 till 5:30 with a little time at noon out. I never realized how much work there is to a banquet but surely it was a success! Well all the 250 chairs had to be gotten out first then we had green and white crepe paper twisted together and firlled[sic] on the edges out from the chandelier to every corner and side of the room so it made sort of a banner then all the shades of the electric lights, about 50 or 60, were covered with green crepe so as to soften the lights then we had little designs and artistic arrangements of shamrocks and Irish flags around on the walls and under the lights  then we had two big Irish flags crossed on the wall at the back of the platform then we had palms with pots covered with white  Then our 30 small tables we placed in the shape of a shamrock with to[sic] toastmasters table[sic] at the end of the stem. The tables were beautiful if I do say it. There were four at a table and in front of each place was a real little potato with a shamrock sticking out of it to which was fastened a little hat for the girls and a little pipe for the boys  they made quite a hit. Then there was the silverware and bread & butter plate and at each place the half [of] a grapefruit with a cherry in it. Then infront[sic] of the glass of water we put the programmes which were real artistic then in the centre of ech table was a glass candles stick with a green shade for each one awfully dear. Around the foot of the candlestick were banked ferns and with the stems under the ferns and only the heads sticking out were green carnations.

Well Elizabeth Stetson with her helpers had been working all day in the kitchen I think it is wonderful what that girl has accomplised[sic] she had everything systemitzed[sic] and the banquet passed off without a hitch. We had four courses and though I was to tired and scared to eat much it was all good.

Helen and Mr. Harring sat with Dad Hall and I and we all had lots of fun and Dad was perfectly grand to me all evening  I like him real well  everybody likes him he’s captain of the football team you know. Well finely the awful time for the toasts arrived and I was in misery until mine was over then I felt fine. The toasts were all good and “Little Walker” made a fine toastmaster. The Gibson Trio got through our production all right I guess, we got a hearty enchore[sic]. Well I got lots of compliments on my toast  they all said it was splendid  of course they had to what else could they say. Well anyhow I didn’t make any mistakes or forget.  “Dad” and I ate just dozens of olives afterwards I guess he likes them as well as I do  we laughed and laughed. Mr. Dunnington was up here tuning his guitar when “Dad” came and you know he thought I was going with Mr. Kerman and you never saw a more surprised boy than Mr. D when “Dad” Hall walked in tickled me most death. I surprised several people! Its lots of fun.

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