Mar. 15-17, 1914

Sun. Mar. 15, 1914

Went to church and S.S.  Rev. Barnett visited my class today and stayed there all through the hour. I told the boys the story of Jonah and they were very much interested. I had the boys tell the story of Elijah for review and Rev. B. was greatly amused.

This afternoon Ralph and I went for a walk and we walked and walked then we went to the Dutch Reformed church and heard a Dutch Sermon about all[sic] Industrious was Joseph and Amen.

Mon. Mar. 16, 1914

OO This has been a regular fruor[sic] of a day with Chem. Lab. gymnasium and everything. Then every three minutes I have to see about something for the banquet.

Tues. Mar. 17, 1914

OO I’m in a regular whirl all the time now I had to get my chem. while eating dinner and had just 15 min. between appointments to eat supper.

Got home at 4:30, had Gibson practice till 6:30  ate supper till 6:45 had B.B. practice, it was a grand practice tonight, till 7:30 had play practice till 8:15. Did banquet affairs till 9:00, learned my toast then went to bed Dead tired!!

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