Mar. 9-11, 1914

Mon. Mar. 9, 1914

OO Then to lab this P.M. but my notes arn’t[sic] up yet so I couldn’t work. I went up in the library and bothered everybody then I was persuaded to buy a ticket to the Latin play for tonight then I went down to gym and acted so that Miss Haskel most sent me out. This evening Helen and I went to the play at the Normal and while it was fairly good for amatures[sic] and was supposed to by high tragedy still it seemed ludicrous to me. It was the 4th book of Vergil and Dido died delightfully. There were some little boys sitting in front of us that we had lots of fun with.

I’m getting awfull[sic] marks in my studies.

Tue. Mar. 10, 1914

OO This morning the glee club had open Forum for a little concert it was very good. This P.M. Persis Shamehorn and I worked 2:30 hrs on Latin and got locked into the building but were rescued by Mr. Kammerer. This evening I went to Basket Ball practice had a fine time  “Monty” played forward with me as Esther couldn’t play poor girl she’s most sick with the grip.

Wed. Mar. 11, 1914

Oh diary! I’m just swamped with work  I scarcely know what to do therefor[sic] I do most nothing. This P.M. Helen and I went to the Soph-Senior B.B. game after play practice and Seniors won 23-22  it was so funny. Then Helen & I came home and after drinking a concoction we studied and talked.

This evening I studied then Ralph & I went walking. The moon was almost totally eclipsed tonight  it’s the 1st time I remember seeing it that way. Oh I’m tired of going with Ralph I do believe.

I wish Spring Vacation was here.

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