Mar. 7 & 8, 1914

Sat. Mar. 7, 1914

OO This P.M. Play practice I read “B’s” part because she was so hoarse from yelling yesterday at the oratorical contest that she could scarcely speak. That was lots of fun though its rather foolish when the vilian[sic] & the hero propose. Then I went down to the library to try and find something for my toast but I didn’t succeed. Ralph found me there and came home with me then he persisted[sic]in doing something tonight so we went down later after I had done my studing[sic] & got some ice cream.

Oh I’m so glad “Monty” got a place in the contest she got third. Olivet 1st and Albion second

 Sun. Mar. 8, 1914

Went to church & S. S.  Helen & I sat behind a bed bug in church Ugh! I had Helen and Elizabeth Hay up to dinner today, we had chicken. This P.M. Elizabeth and I started “The Fighting Doctor” and its real good. Ralph and I stayed home from church tonight and finished it.


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