Mar. 5 & 6, 1914

Thur. Mar. 5, 1914

Oh I feel miserable I guess I’ve kind of got the grip! Well I went to school but felt too mean to go to Prayer meeting tonight.

 Fri. Mar. 6, 1914

Feel better today. Hurray! We won from Albion last night in basket ball so we are champions in B.B. of the M.I.A.A. Isn’t that glorious? I woke up in the night and heard the old bell ringing & ringing so I knew we had won. the score was 36 to 17 and oh it was fine they all say. They rang the bell for just hours and I heard today that the “cops” were up and the boys dropped water sacks down on them and everything. Oh I laughed & laughed to hear them tell about it. Finally after cuting[sic] the rope they left and the boys went out and cut some clothes line and by means of wires and brooms etc got it attached to the bell and out over the roof down the hill to the gymnasium so that they could pull it (the bell) from the gymnasium there they klanged[sic] away again and one of the boys imitated a wrathful citizen and called the police again well they came up in the patrol about 40 miles an hour pell mell, and vowed there must be someone in the cupulo[sic]. Well just then the clothes line broke so the affair quieted down. My it must have been funny. They said one big fat policeman gazed up at the 4th story windows to see where the water sacks came from and just then splash one hit him full on the chest.

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