Mar. 3 & 4, 1914

Tues. Mar. 3, 1914

OO This P.M. I went walking with Betty Stetson for an hour then we went to Y.W.C.A. After that Helen wanted to go for a walk so we three walked till supper time.  Oh about 10 of us girls played “stump the leader” on the way across the campus and just as we were all sprawled out in the snow making “angels” we looked up and there the windows of the boys dorm were full of boys looking down at us in wondering surprise. This evening Esther and I went to basketball practice and had a grand time. Afterward Ralph and I took a little walk and I fear I took cold.

 Wed. Mar. 4, 1914

This morning I had to make a 5 min. speech in Public Speaking. Well all the others had prepared notes and outlines, & rehearsed I suppose, before hand, Well as we have to hand in a paper called “Information” about our speech I wrote this during math class

 I Occasion, Extemporanious[sic] speech delivered in the spur of the moment.

II Audience, mixture of Kazoo citizens & students in college chapel.

III Speaker, inspired by the audience.

IV Purpose, to inspire & arouse to immediate action.

 Then I pretended I was one of the speakers we have so often in chapel and started out with a bow “It gives me great pleasure to be here this morning and to look into your bright faces. I feel deeply honored that your President (with a bow to Dagistan) has asked me to speak to you a few moments and I shall then beg to present my great problem to you as briefly as possible so as not to run over my time (viewing my watch critically) as I sat here before you I was reminded of an incident that happened while I was in college…” Well by this time the class was all laughing and attention and I guess they all heard what I had to say about “Our Duty to the Unemployed” At first Prof. Dagistan was shocked then amused than[sic] passified[sic] and I really had an enjoyable time myself in surprising the rest.

 This morning President Stetson asked to see me and he asked me if I had brought home any apparatus from the B. C. gymnasium imagine my surprise, it seems that B. C. sent in a bill for lost articles some of the boys brought home a dumbbell or something for evidence of the fight.

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