Feb. 26 & 27, 1914

Thur. Feb. 26, 1914

OO Studied when I wasn’t reciting. This P.M. I went to gymnasium. I wonder if when I’m an old woman I’ll recall these gym. classes and all the studying with pleasure. I wonder if I am really getting educated. I had a find talk with Lydia Beautolph about religion today I’m glad she believes in things so nearly like I do it strengthens my faith. This evening I stayed home with Aunt Emma while Gene went to prayer meeting. I got my Math. then was too sleepy to study so I read a story which was a great treat. Why I‘m so rushed all the time that I don’t have time to look at half of my lessons. I don’t see why I’m always in everything lots of the girls just study. Well diary this is a funny old world anyway and there are lots of queer people in it.


Fri. Feb. 27, 1914

OO Lab this P.M. studied German with the girls. This evening went to Kappa Pi which was held early on account of the Debate it was the queerest meeting It was given by the Freshmen girls and half their speakers weren’t there and Frieda Penoyer got so frightened that she nearly feinted[sic] away and she had to stop. The critic for the evening was Dr. Balch. The debate was an intersociety debate among the mens societies to pick the men to represent the college at Hillsdale. Mr. Bauman Mr. Thompson (Tommy) and Mr. Parker won it. I got so tired that Helen and I played “three in a row” etc to keep us awake.

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