Feb. 24 & 25, 1914

Tues. Feb. 24, 1914

OO  This P.M. I lead Y.W.C.A for the first time and I got through it nicely the girls all said they enjoyed it so. My I don’t consider it much credit to the leader that one of those meetings go off fine because the girls are all so dear and take part so willingly.

This evening I went to Basket Ball practice and besides breaking 3 ribs and one knee I lived through it pretty well. Its lots of fun though rather rough. After the game Ralph was waiting and we went down town to mail a letter for B. Blinston  it was one she wrote to Mark at Ann Arbor and I scribbled all over the envelope Ha! Ha! Then we went to the Post Office and Van Ostrands then came home

We had quite a discussion about my going to the Basket Ball game with Ralph tomorrow night and I finally agreed to if he wouldn’t come after me Thursday. We are together entirely too often. James was here awhile tonight


Kazoo – Olivet Basket Ball

Wed. Feb. 25, 1914

OO Had an awful time with Prof. Dagistan for acting up in class and then he had heard that there were uncomplimentary speeches being circulated about school about him. Then he got to talking about the Sophomore play and as I was the only one at hand he began to storm and rage at me then I got angry say its hard for me to find words to express my opinion of that man!! Everybody dislikes him I guess and I certainly do. Why he’s lots worse than Prof. Bailey. Aunt Emma is sick and Mamma has gone to Battle Creek. Helen was up this P.M. and combed my hair a new way. This evening I went to the most exciting game I have ever attended I do believe  we won from Olivet 33-17 Oh joy! Oh Bliss. And the old college bell has been ringing & ringing it’s our last home game and my it was great.

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