Feb. 21-23, 1914

Saturday 21

OO I vowed I wouldn’t eat any candy all day and I have kept my word although I was beset be[sic]  temptation

This A.M. after sleeping a while I went over to play practice. The rest of the time I have been reading of Joan of Arc. Oh she was wonderful!  I think it was trully[sic] God who lead[sic] her. We are reading Schillers “Jungbrau von Orleans” in German now and I like it very much.

Sunday 22

Didn’t get up in time to go to Church so I went to S. S I only had 9 boys today oh dear!

This P.M. I went to the service at the college as this is the Day of Prayer for Colleges. Then I went over to Bessie Freeman’s and Hazel Bennett, Florence Hartman, Bessie and I made the place cards for the Washington Banquet  there are about 140 people going and the place cards are white with a red cherry tied on them by a green ribbon  it takes lots of time for the holes have to be punched the name printed on the bows tied and all. Ralph came after me and as it was too late for church we came home. After eating pop corn and apples I brought down some of my diaries and read snatches to him and more to myself.

Ralph’s quite a boy he is  I wonder why I don’t love him?


Washington Banquet

Monday 23

OO This P.M. Helen Merchant and I studied and talked together we had lots of fun. Then it was a mad rush to get ready for the banquet. I wore my new pink chiffon dress and wore long white kid gloves for the first time  well the carriage came in due season and Nelle Reller & Coleman Casyl rode both ways with Ralph & us. Nelle was speaker for the Kappa Pi’s tonight and did beautifully  dear me I must begin to get my toast ready for the next banquet.

The New Burdick Hotel, 1912

The New Burdick Hotel, 1912

Well it was practically the same performance of former years, it was held at the new Burdick and the menu was fine I ate 3 of the six coarses and I swallowed one whole raw oyster of the oyster cocktail. It’s the 1st time I ever ate an oyster. We sat with a real jolly bunch at the table and I had the best time I have ever had at a Washington Banquet still I always have a good time.  Right around us at table were Colby, Nelle, Mary Hallet and Mr. Parker, Tommy & May  Mildred Welsh and Paul Shackelton. Oh of course the gowns were exquisite and I was glad when I looked around the crowd that I was one of them   there were about 140 there I think Mr Piper made a good toast master and Sue Slaxtons speech was great.

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