Feb. 16-18, 1914

Monday 16

OO This P.M. I had labatory [sic] and then went to gymnasium this evening I studied because we didn’t have “Court” practice. You see I’m to be Clerk of the Court in the mock trial of the Centuries and the Kappa’s next Friday night. There is so much to do and go to that I hardly have any time to study. There are three things tomorrow night and 3 Thursday night I want to attend.

Tuesday 17

OO This P.M. I got German then went to Y.W.C.A  oh I’m scared to lead next week. This morning in Open Forum Dr. Stetson called on me for my opinion of the Washington Banquet my heart flew up to my throat and I was so frightened I could scarcely think I don’t know what I said. If I had been a Junior or Senior I wouldn’t have been so surprised but me oh dear! This evening I went to Basket Ball practice but Esther wasn’t there to play forward with me. And Marg. Petertyl is quite slow so as I didn’t play well either  we were beaten 16—7 . After practice Ralph and I went down to the Congregational Church to hear Drum. But he wasn’t as good as he was the other night so I was sort of sorry we went. I told Ralph I was going to be a missionary to Africa he said I better not try it or would come over there and bring me back.

Philolexian Sleighride

Wednesday 18

OO This P.M. the Gibson Trio practiced for Friday night Oh it’s fun practicing Mr. Dunnington is such a lot of fun. This evening two loads of us went to Cumstock [sic] for a sleigh ride the girls took the lunches and Nell and Gladies and I put in for six of us but when we got there we found two couples and Dr and Mrs. Balch this chaperons[sic] who had no lunch so we shared up and luckily there was a plenty for us all. Well we played real hard to keep things moving. We played “Drop the Handkerchief” on that waxed dancing floor and it was a picnic. Then we played “Farmer in the Dell”, “How do you like your neighbor”, “Virginia Reel” and that’s all we had time for. Oh I would like to go somewhere with Hosmer Stone sometime I wish he would ask me to the Banquet. My! I’m tired tonight.

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