Feb. 11 & 13, 1914

Wednesday 11

Went to school. This P.M. I went down town early and drew out a bank book for Kappa Pi. I felt quite important. Then the trio had practice but we didn’t any of us feel like music today. This evening Helen and I and Mother and Gene & Mrs. Weaver went to a woman’s meeting at the 1st Baptist Church and heard Evangelist Drum speak on the subject “How to chose[sic] a husband.” It was a fine address but I thought it was more of a womans duty than a man’s to talk of such things and while the address was helpful and good I wish a woman had given it. I’ll jot down some of the points that appealed to me. Have the home tidy when your husband returns. Always be tidily dressed and dress young and wear a bit of color. Get what you want done by your husband by indirect suggestion. Don’t tell your Mother the faults of your husband. After the lecture Mother & Helen & I stayed down town to see the new gas lighting system, chester lights, turned on. It was beautiful and a pine tree in the park was all wired with red, white and blue lights and flooded with water so it was just a mass of sparkling icy crystals when it was turned on   the display of soft and sparkling light was beautiful and wonderful

K.Pi Spread. Valentines

Friday 13

Got to Math. on time this morning and got through the morning and lab. this P.M. somehow or other. Then I came home and made my valentine for the K.TT doings tonight and of course because I wanted it to be just fine the candy wouldn’t turn out well. Well K. TT spreads are just lots of fun. First we had our valentines and mine was real cute a heart with a cork on it and a verse something about “winning hearts, and being a corker”. For the “eats” we paired [off] and one girl of each couple played she was the gentleman  May and I were togather[sic] I certainly love May. We had potato salad, salmon salad, pickles, sandwiches and cake and ice cream that was half lime ice and half nut ice cream.

We also had a “Living Valentine” in pantomime. that was very clever. Edwinna McGlammon was the girl Nell Reller was the boy and Helen McHugh was the cupid it was so funny Helen made the dearest cupid and shot them so cleverly with her arrows.

Oh the Kappa Pi girls are dear. I was worried about Mildred Welsh tonight she felt so badly.

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