Feb. 7 & 8, 1914

Saturday 7

OO I had a talk with the Field Secretary of the Students Volunteer movement this morning seriously considering whether I ought to give my life for the missionary cause or not. Oh sometimes I feel as if that is the place for me. I wonder what I shall ever amount to anyway! Should I be a Student Volunteer or shouldn’t I?

This P.M. I went to play practice and then the Gibson Trio had mandolin & guitar practice we played & played until my hand was fairly cramped. We are playing the “Boston Ideal” practicing for the joint meeting of the “Centuries” and “Kappa’s”   Oh its a fine piece but difficult oh my! it’s the hardest thing I ever struck.

 This evening I wrote my German sentences then practiced the piano music.

Sunday 8

My it’s a cold blustery day [here] about zero. and snow, snow, snow! Only 4 of my boys were there today.

This P.M. I went to the Ladies Hall to dinner as Mary Petertyl’s guest and had lots of fun. We had chicken for dinner. The main topic at table was an indignation meeting over the Olivet basket Ball  game we were beaten 23 to 22  oh if we could only have gotten that one more point.

 After a bunch of us had talked a while up in Mary’s room I came home and Hellen Merchant and I played our mandolins for two or three hrs. It was so bad out that none of us went to church tonight. Gene & Mother are most rich with colds and rheumatism.

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