Feb. 5 & 6, 1914

Thursday 5

OO This P.M. I went to gym. but as I had foolishly locked my key on the inside of my locker I couldn’t take gymnasium. I went to prayer meeting tonight and it was a fine meeting. On the way home Ralph asked me to go to “Peg ‘o my heart” a fine English Drama that is coming here “Coley” and Nell Reller wanted us to go with them and I’m just crazy to go but I can’t on account of my influence on mamma’s S.S. class etc. etc. I don’t suppose I would meet one of them! Somehow I can’t feel that the really good drama’s that the Professors and everyone goes to are very wicked and I don’t feel wicked or any less able to worship God after I’ve been to one. Oh dear I wish things were different in this world.

 On KTT Programme 

Friday 6

Well Ben didn’t come today I guess he didn’t get my letter in time. My I didn’t take time to prepare anything half way desent [sic] for tonight I had “Editorials” and I made a joke of it.

It seems queer that papa is way out in Los Angeles California my sakes I wonder if I will ever travel that far. Oh I wonder what my life will be and what it will amount to anyhow. I certainly would be surprised if I ever got married. Oh I wonder if I will ever meet anyone I can love who will love me.

Oh I wonder if I will pass everything this spring. Oh I’m beginning to worry about my toast for the banquet and my  Y.W.C.A. meeting I always have some public stunt that has to be done.

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