Feb. 3 & 4, 1914

Class Party

 Tuesday 3

 OO Then from 4 P.M. on Betty Stetson, Hellen MacEwe*, Esther DeWater and I spread sandwiches  we figured on about 6 apiece and say we just had ocean’s of them. Then we had pickles, cake and chocolate to serve with them. Well there were about 30 here tonight and every one seemed to have a grand time. It was certainly hilarious enough  the game “How do you like your neighbor” nearly broke the furniture my it was fun. That snapping the cork of the bottle is a fine beginner. “Dad” Hall was here tonight and say he seemed to have the time of his life he & Hickmot helped us with the refreshments. They voted to pay $2.00 apiece for the Soph.  Fresh, Banquet. “Little” Walk tried to resign on account of some talk he heard but we wouldn’t let him.  Oh I guess it was all a success and I’m so glad it’s over with.

 * This may be Helen McHugh

 Basket Ball Game

 Wednesday 4

 We have won the most exciting game of Basket Ball that I have ever seen  We played against the Battle Creek Training School they were ahead 17 to 13 at the end of the first half but we finally won 33—24 oh such cheering there was college spirit there with a vengeance [sic]. After the game Ralph and I had quite an extended argument about his going home to dinner instead of remaining at the College.

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