Friday, Jan. 30, 1914

Baraca Banquet

Friday 30

Well I went to the Banquet this evening and had a fine time. I always seems to have a good time at Banquets and things but I can’t be dignified and proper somehow. Mother says she fears I will never grow up. I like Gladius Moore who was with Earl Belcher   Earl was the toast master. I like Aseneth Feek too and had a lot of fun with Katherine Clark and Jack Crowe. The menu was good and the speeches fine.  Oh I was glad I didn’t give one. Proffessor[sic] Smith gave a wonderful talk which raised him five points higher in my estimation. Oh a funny thing happened tonight. I had on my bran[sic] new pink chiffon party dress that I like so well and behold I sat at the joining of two tables and somehow when Mrs. Payne was removing my coffee cup from the table it slipped and went all down the side of my gown. Oh she felt terrible she never spilled anything before.

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