Wed., Jan. 21, 1914

Hear Helen Keller.

Wednesday 21

This evening I have witnessed the most wonderful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. I heard Helen Keller lecture. First her teacher Mrs. Macy a wonderful woman lectured on how she had trained and educated Helen. It was a marvelous thing how the child could associate words with objects then of how she learned not only to convey her thoughts by her hands but by her tongue Of the years of patient practice of feeling the shape of the tongue, throat, and lips in the various words. Of her wonderful preserverance[sic] and patience and of her winning a degree from Radcliff & Harvard College. Then when Helen told us of her happiness and of how she could enjoy the beauties of this world.

Helen Keller, 1913

Helen Keller, 1913

Mrs. Macy said she would show to us how speech was actually conveyed to Helen. So Helen placed her fingers of one hand on Mrs. Macy’s throatand lips, and a person in the audience asked a question. Mrs. Macy then spoke the sentence which Helen Keller would either repeat after her or answer directly. It seemed as if she must hear but of course she doesnt[sic].

Some of the questions asked & answered were: “What is your conception of God?” Ans. “It is embodied in the Lord’s prayer and is that ideal which man should strive towards. “

“What foreign language do you like best?” “German. For I speak French abomnibly[sic]” Then she spoke a few sentences to us in German and French at request.

“Are there many people here?”  “Yes”. “How do you know?”  “I feel the vibrations of many odors”

“Do you have any sensations of color.” “Yes, when I am red I feel red all over. I sometimes have the blues.”

“How can you tell when we applaud?” “My feet tell me  I feel the vibrations.”

“Can you feel the sap running in the trees?” “No, but I can smell it and when I feel that a tree is warm I know it is dead.”

Her face is animated and happy and after you become accustomed to her strange voice you grow to love her. She is so sweet and loveble[sic] and yet so intelligent, why she knows five times more than I do with all my senses. It just made me ashamed of my lazyness[sic] to think that I don’t begin to use my powers.

She was dressed beautifully in white and a beautiful bunch of roses was handed up to her.

Mother and I didn’t decide to go until the last minute then I whized[sic] Mother out of the house and down there before she knew it. Of course every seat in the house was sold long ago and we had no tickets but that made no difference I was determined to see her. We arrived at the door at 6:45 and by seven a crowd of hundreds had gathered when the door was pushed open we made a get in. In the grand crush to get in we got by the first man taking the tickets then I thrust a dollar into the hands of another man and said for us two. He asked me if I had no tickets   by that time I was gone   Mother said no. then he said “Well you better skip in quick then.” We picked out the very finest seats in the balcony right back of the reserved seats and with the opera glasses and the finest view possible.

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