Tues., Jan. 20, 1914

Oh diary these days are so busy that I hardly have time to say hello! to you. I got up at 4:30 this morning and I’ve been studying and reciting every[sic] since. Well I got one big load off my mind today. We finished our outside German reading “In St. Jurgen” and I went and reported on it and I’m all through with it thank goodness! But woe is me and weary is my lot! for another load has fallen upon me bang! I was elected to be the girl speaker for the Sophmore[sic] class at the St. Patrick’s day banquet. Oh dear that’s the third toast this year that I’ve been asked to give and I can’t seem to get out of this. Of course its an honor but I would rather enjoy a good square meal for once. You see diary I would rather give any other kind of a speech then a toast and I have always refused till now. Then too who will I go with I doubt if anyone will ask me.

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