Jan. 15 & 16, 1914

OO* This P.M. I got German then went to gymnasium. Ralph played a trick on Prof. Praeger the zoology teacher and got him dissecting a piece of spagetti[sic] with a tomato sauce head, for a new species of worm  oh it was funny to hear him call it all sorts of long names, he even imagined he saw feet on it  well it did look like a worm!

This evening Ralph insisted on coming up so after walking down town to pay the gas bill and mail a letter we came home and he helped me outline a long oration by Chauncey Depew which took us til nearly twelve o’clock and I’m dead tired and sleepy!!

Friday 16

OO This P.M. I was surprised to have Ben Wheatley call up that he was passing through and has stopped over on a train so he came up and we talked and sang, he has left school at Albion and accepted a position in the Benton Harbor High School as Math teacher. Then at my suggestion he called Marg. up and finally we went over and got her and went walking till his train time.

* Claire’s abbreviation for school

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